Who earns more? US vs NZ

  • BY Zebra Loans
  • ON 8 April, 2017

It’s one thing to talk about leaving a country when a new president is elected, but to see people do it is another.

Here in the land of the long white cloud, the number of Americans applying for citizenship rose by 70 percent in the 12 weeks following the election of Donald Trump. But is everything as bad as it seems in the US? We did a little research to show our mates over in the US that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

We took the average US wage and compared that to the average wage in NZ for various age groups, adjusted to US dollars.



So what can we learn from this? Well for one, it looks like the Americans might be on to something, or at least the younger ones. For those moving to NZ in their 30s, they could expect a slightly higher income, but don’t expect that to last, as a it’s all downhill from your 40’s with people in their 60’s earning 67% of what they would be earning in America.

Ultimately this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as there are clearly other reasons to move to New Zealand. It’s interesting nonetheless, as I hadn’t imaged that there would be such a big gap in wages for those over 60.

Maybe for our next one, we’ll factor in the costs of living.



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