Zebra’s 5 Cheap Weatherproof Activities

  • BY nicholas
  • ON 14 March, 2017

As the unpredictable Kiwi spring weather continues to wreak havoc, we thought it’d be a good idea to share our favourite activities that you can enjoy indoors.

And as an added bonus, we’re all about making the most of your money at Zebra so these also come in on budget!

Super Tuesday at the cinema

Head to Hoyts on Tuesday and take advantage of $11 tickets to see your favourite movie, that’ a saving of 7 bucks! But it’s not just Hoyts, Event cinemas run regular promotions so check out their website as well.

Learn a new skill

One of the benefits of a rainy day is that you can stay at home in the warm without feeling guilty about missing out.

However, there are only so many box sets you can binge on, so why not use some of your free time to pick up a new skill? You could learn a new language, which is a great one to tackle if you thinking of a trip overseas. A short term loan is a great way to spread the cost over a period of time if you can’t pay for it all right now.

Alternatively, you could get crafty by brushing up your culinary skills learning some new recipes or what about a bit of DIY? Maybe give you lounge a bit of a spruce up?

Get your culture on

New Zealand has loads of museums that you can visit, and best of all there all usually free. Even if you’ve been before they often have new exhibitions and activities, especially in school holidays.

NewZealand.com has a good list of museums in your area.

Join a Class

Joining a class can be a great way of keeping active and meeting new people. Whatever you want to learn, you can safely bet that someone out there somewhere will be teaching it, from Zumba to cooking to chess to yoga!

Get the board games out

Rubbish weather is a great excuse to dig into the cupboard and get those old board games out. There are games for all the family or if you’ve no kids there are some more adult themed games I’m sure you’ll enjoy (Cards Against Humanity – don’t buy this if you’re easily offended!).

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